Where did the time go?

I remember I used to experience a slowdown during the summer… I don’t mean a work slowdown or a drop off in life events, just a more laid back feeling; a sort of blase’, ‘no rush’ kind of feeling in the things that did occur. This is probably because as a kid I had summers off from school and it always seemed that there was time enough for anything. Summers seemed to last forever and school was a million years away… Time crawls slow for a kid.

Time flies as an adult… So fast it seems that moments of your life fly-by like leaves in an autumn breeze. You want to reach out and grab a hold of them, savor them, but time isn’t on your side. Too many things to do, too many commitments to fulfill, too many ‘projects that must be completed on time.’ And then time runs out when you least expect it…

I watch my daughter experience “slow time” and I wish there was a way I could tell her to enjoy it while she can without making her think that adulthood is one big drag… It is one big drag, but why depress her now? You know why it’s one big drag? Because adults lose their ‘slow time.’ The older you get the faster time seems to fly, and the faster time flies the older you get. Eventually you find yourself looking back over your life and wondering how the hell you flew through 15 or 20 years without even realizing it.

A lot of schools are toying around with eliminating summer breaks… Which means that kids will start losing their ‘slow time’ sooner and will more quickly become demoralized, depersonalized, drones of the ever-growing, ever-grinding machine that we call daily life. Is this really a good idea? Nervous breakdowns, mid-life crisis’ starting in the mid twenties, and high suicide rates are the sad direction this path will lead.

I would prefer the other route myself; requiring adults to take two months off a year. Not all at the same time, mind you, but two full consecutive months away from schedules, deadlines, commitments, cell phones, or business suits. If you want extra work during that time you can deliver papers, mow lawn, rake leaves, what-have-you; but the rest of the time you have to relax, play a game, join a neighborhood baseball team, go fishing, go camping, collect bugs (fire-flies were my favorite)…Whatever it takes to regain your ‘slow time.’

I bet folks would live longer happier lives… I know I would.

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