Fair weather politics….

There are some things that I just can’t tolerate… number one on that list is hypocrisy.

Israel and the U.S. have been allies for decades and every presidential administration, regardless of political party, has supported that alliance in some form. But now when the most unpopular president in history supports that ally it is treated like a mistake.

I hate being put in a position of defending Bush (for obvious reasons), but he is simply trying to support an ally. Why is that a bad thing now when it wasn’t a bad thing before Bush was president? Newspapers all over the nation are implying that he is doing the wrong thing by being patient with our ally, our European allies are abandoning us on this issue, and the talking heads on television (who thrive on misery and deceit anyway) are loving every second of it like the bloodsuckers they are.

This is another example of people all over the world not being able to separate the president from the country. Israel is an American ally not a Bush ally, but because Bush is almost universally seen as a shmuck it somehow makes it ok to give our ally the shaft. Is playing fair weather politics with our allies in their time of crisis really a good idea? By that rationale we should have let France rot under German occupation during WWII just because the Vichy Government ticked us off.

Supporting our allies in a time of need is the right thing to do whether it’s Bush, Clinton, Bush SR., Reagan, Carter, or Gomer freakin’ Pyle who happens to sit in the White House.

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