The service was “lax”-mongolica…

Customers are what keep a company in business, correct? Then losing customers with bad service is a stupid idea, correct? Then hiring ‘summer (seasonal) help’ who don’t really give a crap about the customers is an even stupider idea, correct? Then why do so many places do just that?

Wait… I’ve gotten ahead of myself…

It hasn’t been a good week; DSL woes have had me hobbled, uncertain deadlines on a project left me on edge, bad drivers with cell-phones glued to their heads have nearly hit me several times, and pain-in-the-ass teenagers acting as if the world owes them a free pass for stupid behavior have made me furious… And that fury makes me nihilistic about my fellow humans and the society we have constructed to pretend we are civilized, thoughtful, and peaceful instead of the arrogant, thoughtless, animalistic dolts who would kill each other for the most frivolous reasons given half the chance.

It was with that mindset that I walked into “The Genghis Grill” in Plano for lunch yesterday and experienced the absolute worst service of my adult life.

For those of you who don’t know “The Genghis Grill” is a Mongolian restaurant where the gimmick is that you go through a line (over and over again) selecting different types of meat, vegetables, spices, sauces, and starches and they stir fry them right before your eyes. The waitress’ job is to keep drinks filled, and bring you the bill. The rest is up to you… Could it be simpler? If there was any less for the wait staff to do it would be a self serve fast food joint.

Apparently having the easiest wait job in the world isn’t enough for the crew at “The Genghis Grill;” we waited for ten minutes for our waitress to stop chit-chatting with her friends two tables over and actually take our drink orders and when she finally got around to bringing them (another ten minutes) they were, of course, wrong. This kind of incompetent, inconsiderate neglect continued for the entire meal and beyond because this idiot couldn’t correctly run a charge-card through a machine either! To be fair though maybe her chatty friend was there on training day too and she was too engrossed in conversation to learn her job.

If I hadn’t been seeing red over the entire situation I would have laughed out loud when I saw the ‘Tip’ space on the charge slip! Can you guess what we put in that slot? Z-E-R-O! Sorry, I don’t play the compulsory tipping game; I leave what I feel the waiter or waitress earned. Usually that amount is pretty high…This is the first time it was ever a zero. This woman, evidently, felt that squeezing into a pair of jeans 2 sizes too small was all it took to earn a tip. If I wanted that kind of a waitress I would have gone to a strip-club… And I still would have gotten better service.


Now a pause for my gratuitous Mongolian puns:

Maybe I should have used ‘Tartar’ sauce to attract the waitress over! Or ‘Tartar’ control toothpaste to keep her in line. Perhaps she screwed up the drinks because she didn’t have her Mongolian pencil. It may be that I was supposed to tip her because of her tight ‘Slacks’-Mongolica. I was so angry I could have hit her with an ‘axe’-mongolica. And I’m sure the manager’s name was ‘Max’-mongolica.

Whew, it’s good to get that out of my system.


Anyway, the point is that despite the good food (and the overly high-brow puns) I will never return to “The Genghis Grill” and I will encourage any who will listen to avoid this place at all cost. Because bad service trumps good food every time when dining out. Now where’s the Tylenol?


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  1. Hey Steve!!!! 😀 Thanks for the comment on my blog. I wont be bringing DementedWonderland back though -_- not worth paying for when I now blog on

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