Horror Movie Massacre…

I love movies. I’ve loved movies my entire life. Some of my earliest memories are of movies (my very earliest memory is of being forced to sit on the edge of a well for a smarmy family picture and being terrified of falling in. But that’s for a different post). I’ve watched movies of all types and from all eras and enjoyed them. Even my favorite TV show (Mystery Science Theater 3000) was just old movies that they talked over. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed a change… I’ve lost my patience with the horror genre.

There is absolutely nothing new in horror movies any more. I see these ads for new horror flicks and they look like every other horror flick that’s been made in the past five years. It seems to me that all film genres have continued to evolve except horror. Does anyone remember when a horror movie was tension filled and creepy instead of being nothing but cheap shocks and poor lighting?

I can’t blame my loss of interest all on the films; for every bit or ‘horror’ I experience in my life I drift farther and farther from the genre as a whole. No, I’m not complaining about my life, everyone has crappy things in their lives, I’m just saying that more crap in life means less crap I want in my escapism. That’s what movies are supposed to be, right?

But the films’ being so generic doesn’t help. Let’s take monster movies as an example; since the film Alien came out has there been a monster movie that isn’t just a variation on Alien? Alien in human form, Alien in a jungle, Alien in the sewers, Alien in a cave; but they are all just the movie Alien with a few changes. Take any of the styles of horror films now-a-days and you will find that they are all just slight variations on a theme.

Over in my favorite forums almost everyone is a horror fan and there is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes I feel like such a total outsider when I read the glowing reviews of the latest horror movie they’ve seen, or I’ll watch the latest trailer of Saw 24 and find myself scratching my head and wondering what the appeal is. Or worse yet; scratch my head and wondering what the hell is wrong with me that I don’t care about horror movies anymore.

But if my six year old wants to watch re-runs of Animaniacs, I’m there! As horror movies faded out animation faded in. My favorite movie of 2005? Wallace and Gromit! I laughed so hard I embarrassed my daughter.

Maybe that’s the ultimate reason for the lost of interest in horror; my daughter loves movies too and wants to watch them with me, so we choose flicks that are age appropriate. Not to say we haven’t sat down and enjoyed a Godzilla movie or two, or watched Bride of the Monster and laughed at how stupid it was, we just stay away from too much realism when we watch films together. Maybe when she is older I’ll let horror movies back into my life…

…But as long as they keep making good Pixar films I don’t think I’ll worry about it.:)


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  1. I agree totally about the movies. Where have all the good horror movies gone? OH well guess I am getting old too. Give me a good Shrek or Shrek2 movie any day. Good family fun is always better than scary any day.

    Grandfather of 21!!!!!!!

  2. Well, don’t get me wrong. I still like my hard-core action flicks and such, I haven’t abandonded all movies in favor of animation. It’s just horror that’s been thrown on the fire.

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