Yes, another movie post.

Ok, ok, ok… I get it. Everyone hates George Bush. The message is loud and clear. Hell, I’m not thrilled with him either. But do I have to constantly be reminded of how hated he is when I watch a movie?! Is that Hollywood’s way of punishing the rest of the country for electing him?

I rented a film last week, a futuristic action film that came out earlier this year to mixed reviews, and half way through the film we finally start getting the reason this dark future happened – A jump cut to the Iraq war and protesters carrying anti-bush signs! Who thought that was a good idea? CNN doesn’t make entertaining films, dipshit!

Believe it or not, it gets worse; evidently part of what makes this evil future government so bad is that they don’t allow same-sex marriage and fear of terrorism made them institute extra security policies. But wait, there’s more! We get a half hour of torture scenes that might have well been entitled “A Tribute to Abu Ghraib.”

Did someone actually fantasize that this was subtle political commentary? If ‘subtle’ means ‘getting hit in the face with a shovel’ then maybe it was. This film isn’t the only film that’s guilty of sacrificing their story so they can take a swipe at Bush and the Republicans, but it was one of the most blatant.

I can’t imagine that anyone on Earth doesn’t already know that Hollywood hates George Bush and the Republican Party, so the only conclusion I can draw is that until a wonderful bleeding-heart socialist is embraced by the heartland of America then Hollywood will continue to punish everyone with ham-fisted political messages instead of good movies.

…And the movie industry wonders why less and less people are going to the theater?


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  1. I hate it when movies or TV get preachy too. But it dosen’t make it right to do what hollywood wants just to get them to stop. That’s blackmail.

  2. …And now you see the depth to which my faith in our political system has sunk. Whichever corrupt, lying, brainless, moron who next takes the office of President is less important to me then getting good movies again. 🙂

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