Breaking the “books to movies to trash can” cycle…

I have just recently found out that Michael Slade (my favorite author) will soon have his first book made into a major motion picture.

Headhunter was published in 1982 and is still an amazing novel. I recommend this book to anyone who asks because it is phenomenal piece of writing that kept me guessing who the killer was until the very end. Maybe that is why I approach this announcement of a Headhunter movie with trepidation, because Hollywood has wrecked so many books that I loved. The good news is that Wil Zmak, who did a respectable job with the film “The Dark Hours,” is writing the screenplay. It (The Dark Hours) was a wee bit predictable, but when you’ve spent your entire life watching movies almost everything is a bit predictable. That’s my fault not Zmak’s.

Anyway, despite the good news (of which there is plenty) I’m still very cautious about getting any high hopes yet. Hollywood’s reputation for screwing up a good thing is just too strong to ignore. They have great source material and a good screenwriter so here’s hoping for a great director and an even better cast.

BTW, on the subject of Slade, his new book Kamikaze is now out in Canada and will be out in a couple of months here in the States. The early buzz is very good, so head over to Amazon and get your preorders in.

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The glorious return of NFL football…

I had a few posts in mind during the past week but, as will happen, I’ve become very busy of late. So, Sunday is my only free day for a bit… Unfortunately Sunday is football day and football comes first. Can you guess yet what this post is going to be about?

I’m at the beginning of the fourth quarter of the Tennessee Titans game and I honestly have no clue as to what the Titans think they are doing this season. They draft Vince Young (the best choice in this year’s draft, IMO), but then they cut Steve McNair loose… WTF?! Now Young can’t train with the guy who’s been his mentor for years and we are supposed to think it’s a good idea?

Then the season (not to mention Vince’s development) is going to hinge on Billy Volek, right? Wrong! The Titans bring in Kerry Collins to pressure Volek into playing better and it backfires! Kerry Collins is the starter, Vince is second, and, Volek is third…. And I’ve never seen the Titans play worse than they have played this afternoon! Collins isn’t a good quarterback anyway but you add in his new found fear of getting hit and he becomes the most amateurish-looking veteran QB I have ever seen. The fans are booing him, his team obviously doesn’t want him there, and he isn’t interested in putting himself on the line for his team, WHY IS HE THERE?

Put Vince Young on the field and leave him there! If he is the future of the franchise then he should be getting on the field experience NOW, not later. Also, there is no way he could be worse than Collins. So far they’ve allowed Vince to play two snaps… Pretty shoddy treatment for the future of the team.

Oh by the way, Steve McNair and the Ravens are killing the Buccaneers right now 27 to Zero. Good thing they got rid of him, huh? (NFL Sunday Ticket is a mixed blessing sometimes)

Anyway, I have several other games to go today (including the Cowboys vs. the Jags in about 15 minutes) so I will cut this short. Have a good week everyone!

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Freeform ranting #1…

I believe that all news media whether they are print, television or radio, are all totally biased organizations. Not biased for or against a political group/party or biased for or against any particular religion. I believe that all news media are biased against hope, biased against happiness, biased against harmony, biased against just about everything that real humans strive for.

The news media survives by feeding on misery and spreading fear. They suck the marrow from the bones of the dead and then force feed the horror back to humanity and wallow in the discord they cause. They nibble on small miseries and try to make them grow while they wait for major disasters so they can begin a feeding frenzy. Once a disaster occurs they rejoice in the fear, pain and anguish of others and then when they are through and the shock of the disaster begins to heal in our collective minds they regurgitate the misery onto the festering wounds of humanity so they can feast on the bad memories they caused.

If you think I’m exaggerating then you either aren’t paying attention or you are one of them.

Case in point: Hurricane Katrina. All the news organizations in the nation rushed into the projected paths of the storm and set up cameras in hopes of capturing images of destruction that they could feed to the populous, they spend hours upon hours broadcasting possible death tolls and damage, they made sure to get images of floating bodies on the air, the gave twenty-four hour a day coverage of breakdown of society in New Orleans, they followed after the refugees trying to escape like buzzards circling a wounded animal, they gleefully reported any crime rate hike in the areas the refugees fled to, they nearly danced a jig over the political fallout, they push aside all the stories of people helping one another to find the most lurid stories of people attacking and hurting one another, Mississippi’s stalwart response to the destruction, death, and loss of societal support was ignored in favor of the yelling and screaming done by the politicians of Louisiana, looters were given front page coverage while orderly distribution of food and supplies was relegated to small separate articles buried deep in other stories, I could continue this for 20 pages…

Now, a year later, the suffering that the news media find so sweet tasting is running thin so they have regurgitated the entire Katrina disaster and are gleefully stirring the pot to generate more fear and discord to sustain them. New tropical storms in the Atlantic have them licking their chops over the potential suffering they may get to feed on and their constant comparisons of every tropical depression to Katrina is a thinly veiled attempt to spread terror in the gulf coast states. Even the Discovery Channels have joined in this part of the feeding frenzy by coughing up Katrina documentaries and feasting on the grief they dredge up.

Am I cynical? Am I jaded? Am I pessimistic?

Just watch these parasites of humanity as we approach the next anniversary of the September eleventh terrorist attacks. You will see how right I am.

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