The glorious return of NFL football…

I had a few posts in mind during the past week but, as will happen, I’ve become very busy of late. So, Sunday is my only free day for a bit… Unfortunately Sunday is football day and football comes first. Can you guess yet what this post is going to be about?

I’m at the beginning of the fourth quarter of the Tennessee Titans game and I honestly have no clue as to what the Titans think they are doing this season. They draft Vince Young (the best choice in this year’s draft, IMO), but then they cut Steve McNair loose… WTF?! Now Young can’t train with the guy who’s been his mentor for years and we are supposed to think it’s a good idea?

Then the season (not to mention Vince’s development) is going to hinge on Billy Volek, right? Wrong! The Titans bring in Kerry Collins to pressure Volek into playing better and it backfires! Kerry Collins is the starter, Vince is second, and, Volek is third…. And I’ve never seen the Titans play worse than they have played this afternoon! Collins isn’t a good quarterback anyway but you add in his new found fear of getting hit and he becomes the most amateurish-looking veteran QB I have ever seen. The fans are booing him, his team obviously doesn’t want him there, and he isn’t interested in putting himself on the line for his team, WHY IS HE THERE?

Put Vince Young on the field and leave him there! If he is the future of the franchise then he should be getting on the field experience NOW, not later. Also, there is no way he could be worse than Collins. So far they’ve allowed Vince to play two snaps… Pretty shoddy treatment for the future of the team.

Oh by the way, Steve McNair and the Ravens are killing the Buccaneers right now 27 to Zero. Good thing they got rid of him, huh? (NFL Sunday Ticket is a mixed blessing sometimes)

Anyway, I have several other games to go today (including the Cowboys vs. the Jags in about 15 minutes) so I will cut this short. Have a good week everyone!

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  1. The Titans suck!

  2. As much as I’d like to argue with you on that point, the last year or two tends to support that statement. 🙂

    However! They were good once! A Superbowl caliber team… With a really, REALLY stupid GM who fired everyone who was good for the team…


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