Breaking the “books to movies to trash can” cycle…

I have just recently found out that Michael Slade (my favorite author) will soon have his first book made into a major motion picture.

Headhunter was published in 1982 and is still an amazing novel. I recommend this book to anyone who asks because it is phenomenal piece of writing that kept me guessing who the killer was until the very end. Maybe that is why I approach this announcement of a Headhunter movie with trepidation, because Hollywood has wrecked so many books that I loved. The good news is that Wil Zmak, who did a respectable job with the film “The Dark Hours,” is writing the screenplay. It (The Dark Hours) was a wee bit predictable, but when you’ve spent your entire life watching movies almost everything is a bit predictable. That’s my fault not Zmak’s.

Anyway, despite the good news (of which there is plenty) I’m still very cautious about getting any high hopes yet. Hollywood’s reputation for screwing up a good thing is just too strong to ignore. They have great source material and a good screenwriter so here’s hoping for a great director and an even better cast.

BTW, on the subject of Slade, his new book Kamikaze is now out in Canada and will be out in a couple of months here in the States. The early buzz is very good, so head over to Amazon and get your preorders in.

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  1. Cool! I just read my first of his books. Thanks!

  2. Great! Now why not head over the and join in the forums? That’s where you’ll find the latest Slade news.

  3. Where’d ya go?

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