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Between serious migraines, colds, and a super tight schedule, I’ve been remiss in my blog updates. I have plenty I’d like to talk about;’s new comment functions, the Disney’s company’s attempt to sexualize children, the ADD myth, and banning cell phones while driving… But I think I’ll leave it to you guys. I know a few of you are reading my updates here so let me know what you want me to vent my spleen about and in a few days I’ll take the popular choice and go wild.


Did anyone catch the Dallas vs. Tennessee game on Sunday? If so I’d like to hear what you think about Albert Haynesworth’s attack on Andre’ Gerode, I was shocked. I’ve never seen anything quite like that before.



 Edited to add:

The total lack of interest in this topic or the voting has convinced me to toss this in to the ‘failed idea’ bin.


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  1. I vote Disney.

    Haynesworth should be arrested.

  2. ADD myths

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