Buy, Read, Review, Vote…

The new Slade book has arrived!!!! Check out this review:

Michael Slade’s new thriller Kamikaze is on the shelves right now folks and it is a great read. I highly recommend you pick up a copy and give Slade a try. My local Barnes and Nobles is pretty lax on keeping Slade’s work in stock but Kamikaze in on the racks at my local Tom Thumb… If nothing else Amazon is cheap and fast.

Which brings me to my next message; review, review, review! Once you’ve read Kamikaze write a few sentences down about it and post it on Amazon. The best way to show your support for an author is to try and help with the buzz that surrounds their books. In the day of the internet the best way to do that is to post your positive reviews about that author/book.

Finally, make sure you vote on the reviews that are already posted. Those votes help determine the spotlight review and the spotlight review is the review(s) that are seen before any other regardless of when they were posted. No cheating, though! Using multiple names for multiple votes will be punished by Amazon.

Let’s recap: Buy and read Kamikaze, post reviews, vote on reviews. Easy…


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