Loving life and hating Peyton…

Well in spite of being casually marginalized, volunteered for work, stray dogs, guilt trips,  and taking night classes I am still pretty chipper about life, and I’m feeling more on top of things right now then I did a couple of months ago.

I have added TBLightning’s great wallpapers to the wallpaper section of the SladeArt site, so make sure you check those out.

So much for the good news… Now how about some bad?

Peyton freakin’ Manning is going to the Super Bowl and NO ONE WILL SHUT UP ABOUT IT! It’s bad enough that I hate Manning with a white-hot passion, it’s bad enough that I have to see his ugly-assed horse face every single commercial break even when football isn’t on, it’s bad enough that every single football commentator sounds like they have their hands down their pants whenever he’s on the field (I think Joe Buck just gets naked), it’s bad enough that the NFL protects Manning more than any other quarterback (I have proof), but now I have to keep hearing about how he finally beat the Patriots and can go get his Super Bowl ring. Everyone seems to forget that there is one game left and Brian Urlacher eats little horse faced pansies for breakfast.

Here’s hoping that the Bears give Manning a Joe Theisman-like injury so I can stop hearing about the bastard.

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