Where the hell is all the global warming?

I’m officially sick of winter. Not the Norman Rockwell winters filled with beauty, majesty, sledding, and sun glinting off the newly fallen snow to warm your rosy cheeks. I’m sick of TEXAS winter; dark all the time, drizzle filled with huge globs of sleet, temperatures that tease you into thinking it might warm up only to suddenly drop 20 degrees after you’ve already left your jacket at home, insane drivers who seem to think they can out run the lightning, stupid drivers who let go of the wheel and cover their eyes when their car starts to spin, teenage drivers who think their immortal right up until they kill a family of 4, newscasters who stand in the sleet, smiling, and chat about how cold it feels, ANYONE who says “Well, we need the rain.” after a week of thunder and ice storms, and I’m sick of hearing everyone trying to tie our crappy weather to global warming.

I’d spray a can of deodorant out the window if it would bring the sun out. Screw the grandkids I want warmth NOW!

 BTW here is a link to a great Global Warming article: CFP

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