Quick update

I have been working on a major overhaul on the SladeArt site for quite some time now, but after some serious thought I think this overhaul isn’t called for. So I’ve changed my mind and, instead of a ground up overhaul, I’m going to start implementing a small few changes to enhance the visual presentation of the site.


With the Headhunter movie in production and Slade’s next book in the works, I will save any major overhaul for one of those events.


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How to look foolish in the eyes of the world…

Read this:

‘300’ Sparks outrage in Iran.

‘Wayward Soul’ on specialx.net has taken the words right out of my mouth:

Isn’t it ironic that the most intolerant culture in the world today is always the first to piss and moan about being slighted or insulted by others?”

Not a single soul in Iran has seen this film and they are all running off at the mouth that they are being insulted by something that started life as a COMIC BOOK! For eight years America has been the butt of every political joke in on the planet and we laugh right along with everyone else. A FICTIONAL movie based on a COMIC BOOK comes out and the citizens of Iran begin acting like the world owes them some sort of apology.

Dear people of Iran,

‘300’ isn’t making you or your country look bad. YOU are doing that with your overreaction to a work of fiction.

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Beating a dead horse.

Between Bill Maher shooting his mouth off, Hillary Clinton impersonating Foghorn Leghorn, Ann Coulter offending just about everyone, and John Edwards telling us that Jesus doesn’t love everyone after all, there has been plenty to talk about lately.

So what am I going to do?

That’s right! I’m going to keep on with my global warming kick…


Yet another global warming scientist has changed his mind and is now a skeptic. Claude Allegre, once of France’s leading politicians and scientists, has decided that global warming is probably a natural event and is being over-hyped. Remember; this guy was one of the original proponents of man made global warming.

More and more legitimate scientists are finally being heard that all the man made global warming hype is just that: hype! Even Mars is heating up and my SUV isn’t to blame, damn it!

So now let’s just hope that someone can reign in the politicians before we’re all wearing loin cloths and traveling by oxen… all of us except the politicians that is.

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