A turning point for the NFL.

Basketball has been taken over by the ‘gangster’ mentality; fights and shootings have become common place and fan interest has plummeted.

In an effort to prevent this from happening to pro football the new commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell came in and began handing down huge suspensions against players for their conduct. Chris Henry, Pac-man Jones, Tank Williams have all been given huge fines and suspensions for their off the field behavior and for bringing bad publicity to the NFL. Pac-man Jones wasn’t even charged with anything when he was suspended for an entire year.

Now here comes Michael Vick, the high profile QB of the Atlanta Falcons. Vick has now been named in a FEDERAL indictment on conspiracy and animal cruelty charges stemming from his dog fighting league that he has operated since 2001.

Read the full indictment by clicking here.

Now we get to see if Roger Goodell is for real in his attempt to keep the ‘gangster’ crap out of the NFL or not because Michael Vick does something that none of the above names do… He sells tickets! All by himself. So, is Goodell willing to follow his own precedent and suspend Vick for besmirching the name of the NFL or is he a hypocrite who will look the other way when one of the NFL’s money makers is indicted for some extremely heinous charges?

This is a turning point in the development of the NFL; a swift and decisive reaction by Goodell would show the league, and the rookies, that how you conduct yourself is more important than how much money you generate. Conversely, a weak, wait-and-see attitude from Goodell will signal to all the nation that it is okay to behave like a low-class hooligan as long as the money keeps rolling in.

It’s your move Roger, let’s see if you’re for real…

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