Addicted to Civ…

In the past my free time activities included a lot of reading, movies, blogging, and a bit of TV.

Now my free time activity seems to consist of one thing; Civilization IV.

I have become totally addicted to this amazing game. For those of you who don’t know Civilization is a game series, created by Sid Meier, where you start a civilization at the beginning of history and guide it all the way through the space age. The volume of variables that affect your civilizations path through history is staggering and makes for great replay value.

About a month ago I was beating my Civilization addiction. I was down to one or two sessions a week. And then comes the release of Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword (an expansion pack for the game) and all my free time was sucked up again. BTS fundamentally alters the game and the strategies it takes to successfully navigate history and it introduces some amazing mods and scenarios that make it almost a different game entirely… I am currently in a WWII scenario, called Road to War, which begins in 1936 and allows you to play out almost any ‘what-if’ question you can imagine.

So now, with a whole new realm of possibilities to explore, I find that my Civilization addiction is back in full swing and I suddenly have almost no free time.

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  1. very cool game. I like the red star scenero.

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