The Duke is A-number one…

As I sit here and contemplate what to fill this space with I find that I can’t narrow anything down. My mind is awash with topics that I’d like to blather on about; Michael Vick’s continued decent toward prison, the continued attempt to sexualize children by the Disney Corporation, the breaking of the speed of light in Germany, my continued disgust with all politicians and their respective parties…

But instead of all that I think I’ll dedicate this entry to:

John Wayne!

As I sit here watching Rio Bravo (with Big Jake, and Hondo up next on my queue) I can’t help but feel that America just wouldn’t be the same without The Duke. John Wayne’s on screen personas, for the most part, embodied the ideal of the rugged, individualistic American (much as Wayne himself evidently did) and gave those American ideals a public face that the leaders of the world could identify with regardless their disagreements with America itself.

I won’t belabor this argument here since I’ve been doing that on

Instead of that I’ll just say, for the record, that Big Jake is the best damn western ever. 🙂

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