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Due to time constraints, I’m turning the blog today over to guest blogger, GrayWriter

Hi. Gray writer here, making a guest appearance on this blog, and here’s’ the truth. (Courtesy of the holder of this blog.)

Do you know what judges are? No, not that! Judges are only lawyers with good political connections. Federal judges have really good political connections. Supreme Court judges have supernaturally good political connections. Appointed judgeships are always political. Lawyers elected to judgeships must have these connections and/or come from law firms that have the political connections, even if the election is “non-partisan.” Lawyers in the court room are always acquainted with the lawyer/judge.

What does this mean to you? Just that you are not part of the “legal system” and need not expect “justice.” You get “law” but not justice. The two do not go together.

Example: all of the lawyers that sued the tobacco companies- State Attorney Generals or outside firms, during the Clinton administration were all Democrats or big contributors to the Democrat Party. The purpose of the suits was to reward the lawyers, advance the interests of the Democrat Party, and put money into State coffers to fund “social programs” which could not otherwise be afforded. However, the money paid by the tobacco companies to the States was set to decline as the number of smokers declined. Thus, if, eventually, no smokers-then no money for the “social programs” which means that the taxpayers will have to pick up the tab through higher taxes. Brilliant, isn’t it?


By the way, did you know that the so-called “oil crisis” in the ‘70’’s was caused by the war between the Arabs and the Israelis. The Arabs tried to cut off the oil to Israel and the good ole USA contrived to get oil to them through 3rd parties. For example, Alaskan crude went to Japan and the Middle East oil destined for Japan was side shipped to Israel. Meanwhile Americans had to endure long lines at gas stations, price controls on gasoline and crude oil which artificially raised the prices to consumers and the Arabs and OPEC got the blame. Brilliant wasn’t it? I know-I was working for the Department of Energy at the time!


One more. Did you know that the mandatory headrests, seat belts, and airbags were the result of the auto casualty insurance companies lobbying of the Federal government, both Congress and the Executive branch bureaucracy? The purpose was to cut the claims costs incurred for such thing as whiplash, facial injury on the steering wheel, and going through the window shield. All bad things for sure, but was it really the province of the Federal government to make us take care of ourselves? Where in the enumerated powers in the Constitution do you find that authority? The insurance proponents and the “safety advocates” said that auto injuries “cost all of us.” Nobody had the brains to ask how that was figured out and how much per person. Know why nobody asked? They did not have the brains to. I know, I was with Tri-State Insurance Company and Home Insurance company. I know ‘um. Joan Claybrook was appointed by Jimmy Carter to be the NHTSA czar. She is the one who jammed the air bag gimmick down the throats of the auto industry despite the warnings that air bag technology was not advanced enough to make them safe. As a result, people died. Some years later she apologized for “overselling” the air bag idea. That was a comfort to the survivors of the dead, I’m sure. By the way, Claybrook was a protégée of Ralph Nader. A little man with nothing going for him except the worship of pinheads.


That’s enough for today, kiddies.


More truths later if you can take it.



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Those treacherous Patriots!

It was the kind of story-book turn around that become legendary in the minds of the fans…

The Patroits were team whose ownership had changed often, from Sullivan to Victor K. Kiam II in 1988, to James B. Orthwein in 1992 and finally to Robert Kraft in 1994. They had never won a Superbowl, even with a coach destined for the Hall of Fame, but then in 2001, with new coach Bill Belichick and surprise star quarterback Tom Brady, the Patriots completed a miracle season, winning Super Bowl XXXVI after a 5-5 start.  

It was as if the cork was popped and the genie was out of its bottle! The next three years saw the Pats record at 9 and 7, 14 and 2, and 14 and 2 respectively, with two more Superbowl wins. The Pats with Bill Belichick at coach and Tom Brady at QB seemed an unstoppable machine, even if they dropped a game here or there it only by the skin of their teeth that they lost. Bill Belichick is hailed as the greatest coach ever and his place in the Hall of Fame is assured…

But a bit of tarnish was added to the Pats great success when, last November, the Green Bay Packers had an issue with a man wearing a Patriots staff credential and carrying a video camera on the sidelines at Lambeau Field. Packers’ director of public relations, Jeff Blumb said the Packers did not seize his videotape, and nothing came of the incident. But now the question was there… Were the Pats stealing calls?

September 9th 2007, the Pats had soared to victory over the Jets in a 38-14 spanking that made the Jets fans cry and the Pats fans laugh. But behind the scenes NFL security confiscated a video camera and tape from a Patriots employee. The employee was accused of aiming his camera at the Jets’ defensive coaches, who were sending signals out to the players. The camera was sealed, bundled and sent to the NFL commissioner for examination.

That examination is complete and the cat it out of the bag; the Patriots have been cheating. New England coach Bill Belichick was fined the NFL maximum of $500,000 Thursday by Commissioner Roger Goodell and the Patriots were ordered to pay $250,000 for spying on an opponent’s defensive signals. The commissioner also ordered the team to give up next year’s first-round draft choice if it reaches the playoffs and second- and third-round picks if it doesn’t.

 All the victories, all the championships, all the talent, all the skill, have all been tainted. Other teams and players are now coming forward to raise questions about the Pats almost supernatural ability to counter every play the defense called. None of the wins under coach Belichick can be looked at without wondering if cheating was involved. None of the Patriot players during coach Belichick’s reign can be looked at without wondering if they were really as talented as they seem. Did the best team really win Superbowls XXXVI, XXXVIII, and XXXIX? Is Tom Brady really one of the best QB to play the game? He was just a 6th round pick, after all.

Some of you may think I’m just playing doomsayer here. To you I ask but one favor; remember this post when Bill Belichick or Tom Brady comes up before the Hall of Fame committee; they have long memories and low tolerance. If I’m right about the taint of cheating forever following the Pats under Belichick then they won’t make it in the first time they are considered.

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H.P. ‘Who’craft?


Recently it was ‘College Day’ in my daughter’s school system, which means that students and parents are supposed to wear a shirt touting our favorite college. The idea behind this, I assume, is to get kids thinking about college early. So, on a lark, I decided to wear my Miskatonic University shirt from the H.P. Lovecraft books of the 1920’s. I thought this might provoke a smile or two or, at the very least, a curious look. Miskatonic University, to me, is as much a pop culture icon as Whatsamatta U from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show.

So imagine my surprise when I took her to school that morning and was treated to a chorus of accusing stares. I, honestly, couldn’t figure out the problem until I got back home and began to realize that the word ‘tonic’ in Miskatonic was, quite probably, the issue. Evidently, Miskatonic University was being interpreted as advocating alcohol.

Being the troublesome, irritant I am I wore the shirt again to pick her up that afternoon and FINALLY found someone who got it; slightly restoring my faith in the literacy of America.

So, since I have seen that the word Miskatonic seems somewhat disturbing to others, I have decided that I have but one course…

Order more Lovecraft-style shirts!

I will re-acquaint people with H.P. Lovecraft one person at a time, if I must.


Here is a link to some great Miskatonic University and other Lovecraft shirts:


Café’ Press



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