H.P. ‘Who’craft?


Recently it was ‘College Day’ in my daughter’s school system, which means that students and parents are supposed to wear a shirt touting our favorite college. The idea behind this, I assume, is to get kids thinking about college early. So, on a lark, I decided to wear my Miskatonic University shirt from the H.P. Lovecraft books of the 1920’s. I thought this might provoke a smile or two or, at the very least, a curious look. Miskatonic University, to me, is as much a pop culture icon as Whatsamatta U from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show.

So imagine my surprise when I took her to school that morning and was treated to a chorus of accusing stares. I, honestly, couldn’t figure out the problem until I got back home and began to realize that the word ‘tonic’ in Miskatonic was, quite probably, the issue. Evidently, Miskatonic University was being interpreted as advocating alcohol.

Being the troublesome, irritant I am I wore the shirt again to pick her up that afternoon and FINALLY found someone who got it; slightly restoring my faith in the literacy of America.

So, since I have seen that the word Miskatonic seems somewhat disturbing to others, I have decided that I have but one course…

Order more Lovecraft-style shirts!

I will re-acquaint people with H.P. Lovecraft one person at a time, if I must.


Here is a link to some great Miskatonic University and other Lovecraft shirts:


Café’ Press



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