Folks, I’m still alive and kicking but I’ve had several occurrences, both good and bad, that have required my attention more than this blog. The “Gray Writer” was supposed to pick up some of the slack but he seems to be ranted out.

Anyway, one quick mention should go to the NFL and Roger Goodell’s burying of the Patriots cheating scandal. Goodell can’t afford for people to question the results of 3 Super Bowls (imagine the multitude of lawsuits that might pile up if he admitted that the Patriots shouldn’t have even been there) so now the Patriots MUST win every game to keep the NFL (and Goodell) from being proven frauds. So we have the league manufacturing wins for the Pats. Just watch some of the Pats games and keep a tally of the game changing penalties called on the opposing teams. To cover up the Pats cheating, Roger Goodell is just cheating for them so they look like winners. It’s a sad time for the NFL.

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