Bereft, barren, and bummed out…

It’s strange, now that I’m on all these medications (blood pressure and what-not), thanks to my cardiac adventure, I just can’t seem to get a good rant going; I would love to blow a gasket over the new deadly sins from that the herald of hypocrisy the Pope, I want to have a debate about whether or not middle America (the part of the nation that ACTUALLY elects Presidents, despite what the coastal centric media would have you believe) is really ready to elect a black President, I would throughly enjoy a chance to berate ANOTHER politician in a sex scandal, and I would love to take some potshots at the testing policies that have been foisted on students thanks to the, completely useless, No Child Left Behind act that Dumbass George W. was so freaking happy with.

I want to rant about all of this and more but my ranting engine has been chemically corrupted… Pharmaceutically fouled up… Drug drowned…

So where do I go from here? If I have any readers left feel free to leave me some advice! I need it.

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