More YouTube work…

Nearly a year ago I posted a link to the YouTube channel that had posted my movie “Memory Bank Mayhem” in two parts.

Well I have, finally, uploaded the complete version to YouTube (along with some other work).

So without further ado here is the 2006-2007 digital arts show 1st place streaming video winner, Memory Bank Mayhem:

Please feel free to go to my YouTube channel and check out some other stuff. Leave ratings and comments if you’d like.

My YouTube Channel

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I’ve slapped together a YouTube movie for Michael Slade’s new book Crucified.

Have a look:

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Congrats and thanks!

I’d like to take a moment to congratulate my friend Dr. Cindy Castaneda for winning a seat on the GISD school board of trustees. Some of you may know (but I sure that most of you don’t) that I created and maintained Cindy’s election website during the campaign and I am thrilled by her win. Congrats to Cindy and her entire family for a great campaign and a great win!

Also want to say thanks to all the volunteers who worked hard to get Cindy the votes she needed.

Finally; thank you to Ed & Re Jackson for throwing such a great victory party last night. The fact that I was invited to an event with so many distinguished guest (including, but not limited to, mayor Ron Jones) is so flattering that I can still hardly believe that I was a part of it.

Thank you and congratulations to all involved!

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It’s been a while…

It’s been awhile since I posted here and I apologize for that.

I spend $53 bucks today on 15 gallons of gas. Why do I feel like the only one who is appalled by this? We are being collectively bend over the table by these ridiculous prices and no one is attempting to do a goddamn things about except talk!

Article 1

Article 2

Where is all this oil that the left claimed we are stealing from Iraq? Somehow I thought that FREE oil wouldn’t cost anything… Right? Must be that we aren’t stealing it after all.

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