An interesting news blurb…

While I despise the 24 hour news mentality and the gloom and doom the media uses to terrify and control the populace, I do occasionally find an interesting blurb…

In this case it’s a quite, little, unassuming, piece about UFO’s and cover up. Well usually that wouldn’t even catch my attention anymore. But these are claims made by lunar astronaut Edgar Mitchell, so I thought it deserved a second look.

Interestingly enough there seems to be some circumstantial evidence to back up his claims… Take a look at these videos:

1st, Edgar Mitchell’s video where he drops his bomb shell:

Next is a collection of NASA audio that seems to support his claims:

Next is astronaut Gordon Cooper talking about his UFO experiences:

Finally, Buzz Aldrin talking about HIS UFO encounter:

Any one of them is easily ignored, but taken as a whole you have to start wondering what’s going on at NASA.

Does anyone have any others they’s like to share?

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Updates, updates, updates!

The other day, as I was paying my hosting fees, I decided it was time to make some changes. needs to become self sustaining if I’m going to keep all the bells and whistles I pay for. So I have made some changes; contextual ads now appear on the site (the double underlined words that open a tiny little window with an ad associated with that word) and I added a few google AdSense banners on the link page.

When someone clicks on one of the ads a few cents (and I’m not understating it, it really is only a few cents) get tossed my way, but the clicks could add up. Eventually I’m going to add a shopping page to increase the site’s income potential even more.

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