Thinking in three dimensions…

What do I mean by that?

A three dimensional thinker is a thinker who solves problems, understands how things relate to, and react to each other, understands strategy, and the subtle nuances of the world around them.

The reason I am on this topic right now is that, in the world of politics, three dimensional thinking has become a rare beast. George Bush (either of them) doesn’t exhibit any signs of it, John Kerry didn’t give any hint that he was capable of it, Al Gore, Bob Dole, Michael Dukakis, Walter Mondale… None of them ever gave a glimmer of 3D thinking.  Bill Clinton and Ronald Regan did.

Why am I concerned with three dimensional thinking and presidential politics? Because until recently I haven’t seen any indications that either of the current presidential candidates were able to see all the nuances of the things they do.

Before I go on let me make you aware of a couple of things; I have voted both republican and democrat at times, I consider myself independent, I feel (and have for many years) totally disenfranchised from both major parties, and I was so unhappy with the crop (or crap if you’d like) of candidates this year that I was on the verge of tossing my hands in the air and not voting at all.

Barack Obama (Hussein, if you like) claims to espouse change, yet his entire platform is the same leftist, democrat ideals that they’ve used for 40+ years (now THAT’S recycling!). The only thing that is ‘changed’ about the democrat rhetoric is that it’s coming from an African American candidate. That’s historic, yes, but it isn’t change.

John McCain is a tottering old gray-hair who wouldn’t stop carping about what was going on on the other side of the planet and focus on what’s happening here at home for more than thirty seconds (just long enough for a sound bite). How typically republican of him. Everything is foreign affairs for republicans because bitch-slapping some third-world dictator or euro-trash prime-minister is what they excel at.

Obama’s VP pick, Joe Biden, was another example of business as usual. Biden is an old guard democrat who is entrenched in the Washington political machine. In selecting Biden, Obama was sending a tacit message to Washington: “Don’t worry, I’m not really going to screw with our great bureaucracy, I just want to get elected.” Change, indeed.

McCain’s pick was baffling… Who the hell is Sarah Palin? So I began digging through the internet, reading her records (public, of course), learning about her history, and slowly coming to appreciate McCain’s choice. For an hour or two I bet I knew more about Palin’s record then the media did. Then after the media backlash, the RNC speeches, the reaction from the left, and the changes McCain made to his campaign I began to see the three dimensional brilliance of the choice of Sarah Palin as VP.

For those of you on the left, please keep an open mind here.

The day after a historic speech by Barack Obama (a great speech, I give credit where it’s due), what were the 24 hour news media outlets talking about? A little known governor of Alaska. Obama doesn’t even consider Hillary for VP and pisses off her supporters. McCain shows the nation that he’s willing to do what Obama isn’t. Obama is making history so McCain decides to make a little history himself. Obama takes the safe and easy choice for VP, making the world yawn. McCain grabs a total outsider, who just happens to be a woman, and makes the nation sit up and pay attention. If Obama drops Biden in favor of Clinton he will be exposed as a panderer.

And that was just the first day after she was announced.

McCain knew (and so did Palin) that she would be crucified by the media and the left and they played it up beautifully! Now, thanks to their hysteria based attacks, she is nearly untouchable, surrounded by not only the republican base but the moderates and independents who were/are disgusted by the way the media treated her. MSNBC has been exposed as a liberal mouth piece, The National Organization for Women’s leftist agenda is now out in the open, Obama’s message of change has been totally usurped, and McCain can finally woo the centrists in this country instead of constantly having to stroke the party base. All because of Sarah Palin.

That’s great strategy.

And what is the ONE thing that the media and the rest of the left can complain about?


They are all parroting ‘one heart beat away’ message in hopes that no one actually looks at her record. Here is where the real three dimensional thinking can be seen:

Sarah Palin has been in elected office longer than Barack Obama. Palin has been in charge of a military force, Obama hasn’t. Plain has dealt with (and balanced) a BILLION dollar budget, Obama hasn’t. Plain has fought against her own party a number of times, Obama hasn’t.

So if, with a resume’ bigger than Barack Obama’s, Sarah Palin isn’t qualified to be Vice President, how can Barack Obama be qualified to be president? He can’t be. So who else is running for president? John McCain. Do you see the brilliance of it? Obama’s campaign, the democrat party, and the liberal media are, in effect, campaigning for JOHN MCCAIN! By banging on the experience drum they leave the voter with no other conclusion but that McCain is the only presidential candidate with enough experience.

Three-dimensional thinking!

In choosing Sarah Palin, John McCain has demonstrated a great strategic and tactical mind. I, for one, am fascinated to see what will happen next.

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  1. to bad you couldnt has seen the fourth demencial issue of her being fingered by the other side.Although its tragic this is why I would have voted was because of Her brilliance to be groomed into procly one of the best presidents since Lincoln butt who even a man who’s sen kenedy gotten rid of because of the sanctions against the judicial syten for civil rites in the sixties to martin L. King himself. Clean down to the 13th amendment and Lincolns disposal.
    No man with any sence withcould stand up to this. So why would a woman with all Her brillianc with a 3 to 4 ddementional thinking stick around for nothing but a 3oz. of lead in Her brain pan. Thanx Sara for Loving Your family and Yourself enough to back down. Tragicaly ashame. But well Played

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