Hello, are we looking at the same guy?

How can someone who has said, numerous times, that he will RAISE capital gains tax be leading in the polls during a massive market correction?

History shows that the economy SLOWS after a capital gains tax increase… If this economy slows anymore this will become a multi-year DEPRESSION not a recession.

Obama CANNOT fix the economy with a CG tax increase as a part of his plan.

How can someone claim to lower taxes for 95% of people when 35% DON’T PAY TAXES?

Are we to believe that he is going to just start handing out checks to the ones that don’t pay or is he LYING to get your vote? (either that or he failed 2nd grade math)

Obama has consistently voted in FAVOR of MORE taxes! Taking money AWAY from people will NOT fix the economy!

Take the time to LEARN about where a candidate stands on issues before you BLINDLY accept their campaign sound bites.

Here’s a snapshot of some of Obama’s voting record:

Obama voted NO to giving a tax credit to K-12 students to offset their education expenses!
Obama voted YES to bring back the estate tax!
Obama voted YES to creating a gas USAGE tax!
Obama voted NO to END the unemployment insurance tax!
Obama voted NO to END the minimum contribution tax rate for the unemployment system!
Obama voted NO to REDUCE the minimum contribution insurance rate!

That’s a SMALL sample of Obamas desire to take money AWAY from people!

Want some other scary Obama facts?

Obama voted PRESENT for a vote to restrict an ADULT business from being located with 1000 ft of a SCHOOL!
Obama voted NO for schools to put software on school computers to block PORN SITES!
Obama voted NO to require prisoners to pay their own court fees!
Obama voted NO to give no offer of “good time” for sex offenders sentenced to the County Jail! (he was the only one to vote no)
Obama voted NO to restrict partial birth abortion!
Obama voted NO to limit state funding of abortion!
Obama voted NO to the Born Alive Infant Protection Package!

The conclusions you have to draw about Obama, based on his voting record, is that he is a friend to criminals, supporter of high taxes, enemy to child safety, and, evidently, a supporter of the porno industry.

All in stark contrast to the Messianic image he tries to project in his TV commercials.

So what is the truth? How he votes or how he sells himself?

Obama is a LIAR and a danger to this economy.

Protect your pocket book and say NO to Obama.

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