SEO and good Web Design…

Thanks to the economic slow down I, more and more, find myself looking for more freelance clients. Today, in the never ending quest for more work, I stumbled across a request for a freelance SEO job…

SEO, for those of you who don’t know (or care), stands for Search Engine Optimization. In the most simplest of terms it means that you design, code, and market a search engine friendly site and then disseminate it through the search engines. There is a lot more involved in that, but for the rest of this anecdote it’s all we need.

This request asks for an SEO specialist to raise their placement on google but not to bother him about changing his ten year old website. A bizarre request if you understand what SEO means and how it relates to web design, but I suppose understandable if you are a complete layman.

Any good web designer knows about SEO processes and how to maximize your site’s placement potential. It just a standard part of web development process.

But the key here is Web Designer. To build a good site with high potential for placement you need to design and code the site in a very specific way to best take advantage of the algorithm that search engines use and to best communicate with the web crawlers they send out. This is impossible if you cannot alter the internal code of the site.

Imagine someone asking you to change the oil in their car without touching it.

I sent him an email offering to talk to him about it, but if I can’t make some changes I might as well not even start. I guess we’ll see what happens.

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  2. Thanks Mike!

    I’m glad you enjoyed your visit and I hope you keep coming back.

    And if you have any recommendations or suggestions please let me know!

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