“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”

Comic book characters come in all flavors and varieties, but few superheroes ever had such a impact as Alan Moore’s brilliant work The Watchmen. The Watchmen movie is out today and couldn’t resist my fanboy urges, so I went to see it today.

First let me say this: Awesome!

Now let me expand on that:

The Watchmen movie is beautifully filmed (if you can really call such a special FX event “filmed”) and it is brilliantly acted. The mega-size graphic novel is abridged to a severe degree, not just for time but to make the extremely dense plot more accessible to average movie audiences. I understand the necessity of this, without condoning or condemning it. See, as a fan of the comic I saw all the things that were missing or changed for time sake, but I accept that this movie is an ADAPTATION not an exact copy of the original story.

And I accept it on those terms.

I will leave a full scale review for a later day and time… I just wanted to give you my quick impression: Awesome.

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