In the past two weeks I had a fatal hard drive crash, my van windows smashed, and nearly bankrupted myself installing security cameras…. So my rebuild of stevepohl.com has slowed to a crawl.

The new site is still on the way but since I’ve been re-enacting the film Rear Window with my cameras time has been of a premium.

Once I have the punks who did it on tape I’ll get things back to normal.

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Massive rebuild…

Greetings readers, I am in the midst of a MASSIVE redesign of stevepohl.com. It’s slow going because I’m changing everything from the ground up. While this is an exciting change it is also time and resource consuming so there will be a couple more google ads on the pages to try and offset some of the cost.

The new stevepohl.com is going to combine the portfolio site with the best parts of the current stevepohl.com. SladeArt will be unaffected so rest easy Sladists. I still have much to do and many decisions to make so I can’t say for sure what may make it onto the new site and what won’t.

If anyone has any suggestions for additions or changes or features please let me know, I’m interested in hearing from you.


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